With Great Appreciation

As I dive into discussing what I value in a local church, I think it is appropriate to address a possible perception to my writings. The perceived assumption is that I think I am somehow superior or better than who or what has come before me. That is often the assumption whenever someone shares what they think the "ideal something" should be like. It is assumed that you do not like what is or has been, or that you know better than the other guys, etc. All advancements in life in general are because someone has gone before us and [...]

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Why a Local Church?

"Why a local church? Isn't that going backwards for you?" Not one, but several people have asked and wondered these things. In my opinion that stems from a lack of revelation about the way that God sees His Church and the usefulness of "another" one being established in any locale. So before I share with you WHAT I want to see built, I want to tell you WHY I want to establish it. Jesus said, "...On this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it..." The Church of Jesus Christ is not [...]

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