I want to join a Care Team

Thanks for your interest in serving on a Hillcity Church Care Team.  Care Teams are how we provide some of our best care to the congregation of Hillcity Church.  Please fill out the application below to get started!  Please be aware that some of our Care Teams require you to have been a part of Hillcity Church for at least one year.


  • if applicable

    Please select all the arenas of care that you potentially would like to serve. "I would like to serve on Care Team(s) that provide the following types of care:" CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.
  • "I have made a commitment to Jesus Christ as my Lord. I will serve in harmony with the Hillcity Church policies and Statement of Faith. I support the church with my time, talents, and financial contributions, and I regularly participate in the ministries and worship services of Hillcity Church. As a Care Team member, I agree to live a life "above reproach" so that all will see, hear, and respond to the grace of Jesus Christ; and I will seek to live a careful, exemplary Christian lifestyle in order to encourage others and strengthen the church. I agree to live out these qualifications to the best of my ability. I clearly understand that failure to keep these qualifications may preclude me from participation as Care Team Member."

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